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As the victim to or witness of a crime, you may be feeling overwhelmed, nervous, scared or angry. The Page County Victim/Witness Program was created to help alleviate some of these feelings and assist you in the stages of the criminal justice process.


Our office will do everything that we can to make sure your rights as a victims of or witness to a crime are protected throughout the stages of the criminal justice process. We will strive to ensure that you are treated with respect, kept informed, and be given an opportunity to have your voice heard in court. We cannot do this without your input and cooperation.


The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office presents the evidence of a crime to the judge or jury. This is accom­plished by presenting the testimony of each victim or witness under oath to the court. Please be aware that the process of justice takes time. The criminal justice system provides that every defendant is given ample opportunity to prepare an adequate defense. It may be necessary that you appear before the court at more than one hearing. Your cooperation throughout the process helps ensure that the criminal justice system functions properly.


 If you have questions at any stage during the criminal justice process, please contact our office.





Under the law “victim” means a person who suffered physical, psychological or financial harm as a direct result of a felony or certain misdemeanors.


If you are a crime victim you may be entitled to:


- Protective order

- “No contact” restrictions


Financial Assistance

- Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund

- Restitution for damage, loss or medical bills

- Social Services assistance



- Employer or/and school intercession

- Case status information

- Prisoner status information (VINE)


Victim Input

- Victim impact statement preparation

- Courtroom presence during a criminal trial


Courtroom Assistance

- Confidentiality of address and telephone number

- Interpreter services

- Closed preliminary hearing or closed circuit TV


Not all rights and services are applicable in every case.

To receive information and assistance victims must pro­vide

our office with accurate contact information and inform us

of any changes in this information.



The Victim/Witness Program is located in the Common­wealth’s Attorney’s Office and was implemented for the benefit of victims and witnesses of crime.  The program’s goal is to reduce any trauma or confusion by explaining the criminal justice process and to provide services that you may be entitled to as a victim or witness of a crime.


Please call the victim/witness program at 540-743-4951 if,

  - You have questions about your role as a witness.

  - You have received crime-related threats or harassment.

  - You would like an explanation of court procedures or a tour of

    the courtroom before you testify.

  - Your personal property is being held as evidence, and you

    want to know whey you can recover it.

  - You want assistance in filing for compensation under the

    Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund Act.

  - You need to notify us of a change of address or tele­phone


  - You would like someone to sit with you in the court­room.

  - You would like assistance in preparing a victim impact


  - You would like a referral to social service agencies that

    provide assistance to crime victims.

  - You have questions regarding your case and/or restitu­tion.

  - Or you just need someone to talk to.

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